Ecoscape Solutions Group is fully staffed with licensed irrigation contractors.  

We offer the best irrigation services commercially available.  We want to help you maintain the vision of how your landscape is supposed to look, while practicing good water conservation practices by using state of the art equipment to provide the most efficient and cost effective irrigation solutions for your landscape.

The Importance of Irrigation

The role of irrigation in global society, throughout human history, can hardly be overstated. Irrigation allowed for the settlement of the American southwest, and the ancient Romans used aqueducts to convey water from pure mountain springs to their then-unprecedented urban populations. Irrigation has been in use by cultures all over the world for thousands of years; the ancient Chinese and the Mesopotamians were able to make otherwise uninhabitable areas fertile with relatively simple, yet profoundly effective techniques, which modern tools and materials science have only served to make even more efficient. In modern times, irrigation is used to help insure the good health of plants and turf in both landscaping and agricultural settings, as well as for dust suppression in arid environments, sewage disposal in major cities, and in mining. The roles filled by irrigation simply cannot be met as efficiently by any other technique or methodology, even as we continue to refine just how effective the long-distance conveyance of water can be towards meeting a wide variety of human and environmental needs.