Flowers are the centerpiece of virtually every garden and landscape design project, just as they have been for hundreds of years – in every civilized culture around the world.  Ecoscape Solutions Group installs and maintains seasonal color with the help of our local professional suppliers.  

Part of floriculture involves the cross breeding and development of entirely new types of plants.  Different types of plants can produce flowers of a wide variety of colors, scents and textures, which are rarely, if ever, seen in the natural world.  These beautiful and exotic creations serve to enrich and enliven any environment in which they are placed, while adding an exotic touch of the wonderful to their surroundings.
Ecoscape Solutions Group maintains highly advanced facilities, with a team of expert staff.  We offer well-established relationships with respected floriculture suppliers.  Each individual Ecoscape floriculture staff member brings years of experience to the planning and execution of your project.  We have the knowledge, the training, the ability and the tools, and we’re ready to put them to work for you.