Retail Shopping Centers

Retail Shopping Centers

Property Managers for Retail Shopping Centers are responsible for keeping their center's occupancy high and attracting high quality customers to their tenant’s businesses.  One of the most effective ways to attract highly desirable shoppers is with professional Landscape Design and Maintenance.

Just as enhanced curb appeal increases the value of residential homes, attractive landscaped spaces create a sense of higher quality goods and services being sold in your Retail Shopping Center.

Well-kept green spaces spur economic growth, bringing customers to your Retail Shopping destinations.  These customers are willing to spend, on average, 12% more for goods and services purchased in a centers with quality landscaping, according to industry data.

Here are a few of the professional landscape services we offer to attract quality shoppers to your Retail Shopping Center:

  • Landscape Design: 

    Complimentary access to our team of professional Landscape Designers gives you the ability to refurbish feature areas in your landscape, such as entries, parking areas, upscale dining establishments and at key anchor store locations.
  • Landscape Maintenance:  

    Detailed Landscape Maintenance plans are created for every Retail Center, including a calendar of our service schedule, regular walk-throughs with you or any on site staff and regular reports on our service activities.
  • Seasonal Color: 

    Regular rotations of your flowers and plants bring in the colors of the season, rejuvenating the appearance of feature areas throughout the year.  Customers will appreciate and enjoy our well designed color rotations in your Retail Shopping Center.
  • Special Event Services: 

    Need help with your special events, or would you like to start offering special events to drive traffic for your tenants’ businesses? Whether preparing for a special event or the busy holiday shopping season, additional detailing and extra attention to feature areas will help your Retail Center looking its best.


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