Landscape Design and Installation

Design Principles

Design is both an art and a science. Our designers’ knowledge combines the latest in horticultural advancements with an aesthetic sensibility for land forms and human structures, creating texture and layers that are visually striking and foundationally solid.

Our professionals can include you in each step of the process. We offer our expert analysis and recommendations, keeping in mind your goals while working within your budget. We provide guidance on the phasing of a project’s construction as well as a plan for maintaining a healthy and sustainable landscape for as long as you own your property. The following can give you a general idea of the steps we use in our design process.

Design Process

Client Meeting—Initially we will cover topics such as site characteristics, natural and cultural history of the area (for context), current uses of the property and intended uses going forward. We’ll also reflect on planting considerations, the owner’s personal style and any other relevant information.

Site analysis—This will include an analysis of the soil, topography, erosion patterns, and orientation to prevailing wind and sun patterns, roof run-off, noise and building style.

Planning—Define multiple uses for the space in keeping with client’s goals. Diagram outline and relationship between functional elements and usage guidelines. From here we will produce a working sketch where options are discussed with the client, and follow up with revisions.

Estimate—We will move quickly to turn around all estimates once a design is submitted and approved.

Breaking ground—When the design is completed and a project budget established, the Ecoscape team will begin marking out the land with stakes or other devices to produce an onsite visual reference for the client. Once this phase is completed to the client and designer’s satisfaction, construction will begin.

Follow through—Ecoscape’s designers take ownership of their designs, and coordinate with installation crews to ensure that every detail is carried out. This results in a well-coordinated and integrated flow of activity, from the initial design phase, through site survey, material selection, and installation. All of our designers & installation crew are fully committed to delivering a job that wows each client.

Ecoscape Solutions Group is a premier design / build outdoor living company, offering a full range of landscaping and outdoor living to our residential and commercial clients. Our goal is to create one of a kind outdoor living spaces that enhance the lifestyle and enjoyment of families, while adding beauty and value to your property.

Whether it’s adding curb appeal with a complete renovation, building a patio with an outdoor kitchen or fireplace for entertaining, or adding a water feature to ease away the stresses of the day. Ecoscape stands ready with an abundance of talent, resources and experience to create your own Shangri-la where you live.

What We Can Build:

  • Walkways
  • Driveways
  • Water Features
  •  Water Falls
  • Fountains
  • Water Gardens
  • Streams
  • Comprehensive Landscape Installation
  • Outdoor Lighting

At Ecoscape our designs and installations combine the natural beauty of Stone, Water, Plants and Light to create a landscape that is an expression of our client’s individuality. It is our passion to take your landscape to its full potential and our goal to help you achieve it.