Sweetwater Court Townhomes

Sugar Land, Texas

Sweetwater Court Homeowners

Property Type
Townhome Community

Services Provided
Landscape Design
Landscape Enhancement
Landscape Maintenance

Sweetwater Court Townhomes is a gated townhome community, constructed in 2006 and located in the suburban Houston city of Sugar Land. The area is known as a vibrant community and was recently rated a “Top Place to Live” by CNN Money magazine. The surrounding area includes upscale shopping and a wide assortment of restaurants and entertainment.

The Sweetwater Court Townhomes community is self-managed and includes more than two dozen resident-owned units. The landscape includes attractive flowering plants that add color to the community and large oaks that provide shade in the community’s parking areas.

Yellowstone’s comprehensive landscape maintenance services provided to the community include regular mowing, detailing, and pruning along with scheduled irrigation system inspections and upgrades. 


3235 North State Street
PO Box 849

Bunnell, FL 32110

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