We are always proud to partner with local communities and their Parks and Recreation Professionals.  We’ve been maintaining parks of all sizes, from neighborhood pocket parks, to sprawling multi-acre green spaces for years, all across the South.

Many of the parks that we serve are recognized with local and national awards of distinction.  These parks have come to form the active center of their local communities and the Parks and Recreation Professionals responsible for their care share our vision for beautiful, healthy, and fun spaces for residents and visitors to enjoy together.

Services that we provide for your community’s Parks include:

  • Flexible Maintenance Scheduling:  Our Landscape Professionals work with you to create a maintenance service schedule that maximizes access to your park’s landscaped spaces.  We work alongside you and your team to make sure your parks look their best when hosting special events, adjusting service days and partnering with you to make the event a success.
  • Addressing Safety Concerns:   We work with you to identify any possible liabilities found in your parks’ landscape.  From raising tree canopies and removing low hanging branches, to making sure drains and parking areas are kept clear of debris, our Landscape Professionals partner with you to keep your patients, employees and visitors safe.
  • Landscape Enhancements:  Our team of Landscape Designers will show you how to enhance your parks with landscape features that create a welcoming and fun environment. From adding benches and grilling areas, to complete playground design and assembly, our Teams are always available to help enhance resident and visitor enjoyment of your parks.

Featured Project


Spring Recreational Area
The Spring Recreational Area, opened in 2014, is a 10-acre site in Houston’s Greenspoint district that features 2 incredibly unique parks in one site.


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