Protect Your Commercial Property’s Landscape This Winter

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Some people think that once winter hits, landscaping companies shut down and wait for spring. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Protecting your commercial property’s landscape during the winter season is a big responsibility for your landscape contractor. While you may not see mow crews and pruning going on each week, there is still plenty to do.

If you have a landscape provider that doesn’t help you protect your landscape in the winter, then consider hiring a professional landscape company before the upcoming winter season arrives. Failing to care for your landscape through the winter will dramatically reduce the appearance and value of your property.



Inspect Your Property


Even when it’s cold outside and winter has set in, a responsible landscape service provider won’t stop performing regular property inspections. It’s the job of the Landscape Professional to make sure that you, as the property manager, know what is being looked at during these regularly scheduled inspections. From horticultural reviews and irrigation checks, to overall property safety checks, someone should be looking over your entire property at least once a month. This may include inspection of sidewalks, boundary walls, driveways, parking lots, the irrigation system, the drainage system, and any other essentials details.


Drop Salt and Sand


During the winter season, snow and ice build-ups can lead to a costly and dangerous accidents if you fail to address them promptly. To better manage these risks consider using salt and sand on roadsides, parking lots, pathways, sidewalks, and other common areas in and around your property to make sure that your property stays clear of ice buildups.


Keep Up Your Curb Appeal This Winter


The challenges in a commercial landscape’s maintenance are different in the winter, and a full-service landscape company will help meet your winter needs - from must-do-pruning to cleanup services, and beyond. But just because the weather may be cold and dreary, it doesn’t mean that your landscape can’t still create a great curb appeal for your property. Ask your landscaper to suggest trees, shrubs, and flowers that will keep your property’s landscape vibrant, when others around you are dormant. Winter is a great time to show that you care about your property’s appearance in every season.

For more ideas and suggestions on how to protect your property’s winter landscape, Meet Your Local Landscape Pro, for a complimentary landscape evaluation.

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