How much is your landscape worth?

It’s not a simple question to answer.

There’s no resource to help place a dollar value on a landscape.  There's no Kelley Blue Book of landscaping for property owners and managers to consult. 

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Safety Spotlight #2

In our next installment of our Safety Spotlight, we recognize Eldrin from our Charleston landscape installation branch for his safety efforts.

Eldrin is working along a roadway in Goose Creek, prepping for a sod installation. He's using several cones and his Transition Area Warning Device to create a safe work zone for himself, and was also wearing all of his required PPE. 

Nicely done, Eldrin!  Thank you for putting your safety training into practice.

We look forward to seeing who ends up in our next Safety Spotlight post.

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Safety Works! Program Launches

Safety is the most important measure of success for our company.  Commercial landscaping is a dangerous business, so keeping our crews, our clients, and their property safe requires constant focus.

We recently launched our internal ‘Safety Works!’ program, designed to encourage our Landscape Professionals to work safely in the field. In return for putting their safety knowledge into safety practice, they have the chance to earn an extra incentive when they’re caught in the act - of safety.

It’s been a very successful program so far, and it’s easy to participate.  We ask our staff to send in photos from the field, telling us who’s in the photo, where they are, and what they’re doing safely.  We collect and share the photos and details with our whole company, recognizing our Landscape Professionals who are working safely across the company and reminding us all to work safely.

We hope you’ll enjoy seeing our Landscape Professionals in our upcoming Safety Spotlight features.


We start with a photo of Anthony from our Charleston Install branch.  Working beside a small residential roadway, in a construction area, with no vehicle to protect him, he’s using his traffic control devices to create a safe work zone for himself. Thank you, Anthony, for setting a great example in our first Safety Spotlight!

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Who is your competition?

I recently had the opportunity to speak with a writer from The Landscape Professional, one of the landscape industry’s monthly publications.  His cover article explores some of the challenges commercial landscape companies face and he asked how we’re handling the changes in the market since the great recession.  Specifically, he wanted to know how we compete for new projects.

Competition is something I think about every day.  As a company, we propose millions of dollars of landscape installation and commercial landscape maintenance projects every month.  Sometimes clients choose to partner with us.  Sometimes clients choose another landscape contractor.  Every project and every decision has story, but in every single case we’re proposing “against” a competitor.

But the other landscape firms aren’t the competition that matter the most in decisions about who will care for your property’s landscape.

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Tradition Receives National Landscape Award of Excellence

It’s always a thrill for us to see one of our clients’ properties earn national recognition. While Tradition in Port St. Lucie, Florida is no stranger to the national spotlight, we’re honored that we were able to be a part of the community’s latest honor. 

Tradition was recognized with a National Landscape Award of Excellence as a part of our industry association’s annual awards program.  We submitted Tradition in this year’s awards program for a number of reasons, but chief among them was the partnership that our local Treasure Coast service team has built with Tradition’s community leadership. 

Please click here to view the press release announcing Tradition’s recognition as part of this year’s National Association of Landscape Professionals’ Award of Excellence program. 

On behalf of everyone at Yellowstone Landscape, congratulations to Tradition and our Treasure Coast landscape service team for creating such a premier property and furthering our lasting relationship with the community.

Tradition Receives National Landscape Award of Excellence 1

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Yellowstone Landscape Joins Greater Tomball Chamber

Yellowstone Landscape is honored to join with other local businesses as members of the Greater Tomball Area Chamber of Commerce.

The Greater Tomball Area Chamber of Commerce provides resources and fosters relationships that empower businesses to prosper. Incorporated in 1965, the Greater Tomball Area Chamber of Commerce was first organized in the 1920s. The Chamber has an excellent reputation for representing the interests of its members and is recognized throughout Texas for its passionate advocacy for the community. Representatives from our company attended a ribbon cutting ceremony with other members and staff from the GTACC at a ceremony held last week.


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Yellowstone Landscape Expands in Central Florida With Acquisition of Ackman Brothers Landscaping

Today we are proud to announce that we have added Ackman Bros. Landscaping, including Jason and Kevin Ackman, to our Yellowstone Landscape team.

Ackman Bros. Landscaping has been providing high quality landscape maintenance services to Orlando’s resort, HOA, multi-family, and commercial properties since 1996, and have recently expanded eastward to the St. Augustine area.  Their personal attention to their clients’ specifications, combined with clear communication, responsive service, quality employee training, and consistently excellent performance on customers’ properties have helped them become one of Orlando’s most respected landscape maintenance companies.

We are excited to be working with Jason, Kevin and the Ackman team, and have already brought on all of their personnel and begun training on our systems and processes. Our combination with Ackman makes us one of the strongest landscape providers in Central Florida, and our joint aim is to be clearly known as the highest quality commercial landscape maintenance provider in Central Florida. We welcome the Landscape Professionals from Ackman who are joining our team.

For more on the story, you can read the press release here.


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A Yellowstone Landscape Company

In 2008, Austin Outdoor and BIO Landscape joined forces under the Yellowstone Landscape Group, partnering to share more than fifty years of combined landscape industry experience.

The following is an excerpt from a special announcement recently sent to our clients from Tim Portland, our CEO, sharing some very exciting news:

In 2008, Austin Outdoor and BIO Landscape joined forces under the Yellowstone Landscape Group, partnering to share more than fifty years of combined landscape industry experience. Since then, each company has been known as “a Yellowstone Landscape Company”. We have worked together to create an organization that offers our clients industry-leading expertise in landscape design and installation, landscape maintenance, irrigation and tree care services. Our focus on exceeding customer expectations, industry leading safety practices, disciplined professionalism, and cost competitiveness in our operations has led to our growth across Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Texas. We seek to be the premier commercial landscape service company in the South, and to bring that excellence to bear on behalf of our customers.

As we move forward, further instilling best operating practices across our company and growing with our customers, we are uniting our companies under one brand name - Yellowstone Landscape. Doing so will make our services and capabilities more seamless and efficient, and better captures the common excellence to which we aspire.

You will soon begin to see the new logo on our vehicles and our uniforms, but there is one thing that will not be changing – our teams of dedicated landscape professionals, focused on delivering the quality landscape services that our clients have come to expect from us, and that have been built up from over fifty years of combined heritage, legacy and performance from Austin Outdoor and BIO Landscape. On behalf of the landscape professionals at Yellowstone Landscape, thank you for the opportunity to be of service, and we will continue our pursuit of “Creating premier properties and Building lasting relationships”.

Tim Portland

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3 Reasons You Should Get to Know Your Landscaper

People in the commercial landscaping business are generally a fun group of people to be around. 

In case that’s not enough reason for you to invest the time to get to know your landscaper better, here are 3 good business reasons you should get to know your property’s commercial landscape provider.

Your commercial landscaper controls your property’s curb appeal.

“The grounds are what sets our community apart from others in the area and it is key that our landscaping shines.”

We received this comment from one of our clients in her response to our annual client survey.  She clearly understands exactly what makes people want to buy homes in her community.  

As the housing market continues to rebound, buyers are back and they expect more for their money.  Curb appeal has long been an important way to make homes more attractive to buyers, and curb appeal starts with the community’s entrances and common areas.  It’s even begun to play an important role in marketing commercial real estate properties.

Your landscaper should make sure that your property’s curb appeal is always at its best and understand exactly why it matters to you.

Your landscape increases (or decreases) the value of your property.

Good curb appeal makes your property more attractive to buyers.  More attractive properties command a premium that buyers are willing to pay.

  • Consumers value a landscaped home over 11% higher than its base price.
  • Consumers pay a 12% premium for goods purchased in retail establishments that are accompanied by quality landscaping.
  • Small businesses rank the amount of green space and proximity to parks and recreation as the number-one priority when selecting a new location.

So, if great landscaping is key to selling homes at higher prices, to influencing more expensive retail purchases and to leasing commercial space more quickly, the landscaper has a huge effect on the value of the property they maintain. 

If the landscaper does a poor job, your property loses more than just its curb appeal, it can also lose its long-term financial value.

The wrong landscaper could cost you more than you realize.

If you’re responsible for your property’s commercial landscape service, selecting the right landscaper can make you look like a hero.

“This community has never looked better.  I don’t know how you found them, but they have completely turned things around.  Thank you!”

That’s the kind of note that Property Managers want to get from their clients.

The wrong landscaper will cost you credibility with your client.  Finding a great landscaper takes time, if you have to conduct a search for a new one every year, the wrong landscaper is going to cost you time, too.

One of our clients recently highlighted exactly what the stakes are for him after he brought us on to one of his properties.

“My job, as well as yours, depends on the grounds looking great.”

No pressure there, right?

We take the faith our clients place in us very seriously because we know this all too well.  It’s not just our contract on the line - our performance is a direct reflection on the Property Manager who hires us.


When you consider all the things that your commercial landscaper’s performance impacts, we hope you’ll agree that it’s worth spending a little time to get to know them better.  Make sure that you and your landscaper are both focused on the same goals, and that your needs and expectations are consistently being met.

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A Brief History of the American Lawn

As we approach the Fourth of July, we’ll all take some time to reflect on the great things we love about our country. We’ll celebrate with fireworks, barbeque, apple pie and ice cream.

Many of us will also take advantage of the long weekend to spend a little time working on our lawns.

We may take our lawns for granted today, but the modern American lawn is still a relatively new phenomenon. In fact, lawns have only become a practical and socially acceptable use of land in the last hundred years.

The American lawn’s history begins with some of our country’s most famous founding fathers.

George Washington’s home, Mount Vernon, and Thomas Jefferson’s home, Monticello, were modeled after the royal estates of England and France. They took their inspiration from Greek architecture and from the palaces of Europe, notably Louis XIV’s Versailles, and filled their sprawling grounds with freshly manicured, lush green grass.

These estates and their beautiful lawns were symbols of early American prosperity and power, but were completely impractical for the average citizen. Most early Americans used their land for crops and gardens, a legacy that would continue through to the late 1800s.

Even if the average early American had aspirations to keep a small patch of green grass look after, the tools to mow it weren’t widely accessible. Wealthy estate owners used servants or flocks of sheep to keep their turf trimmed to an appropriate height. Most Americans of the time couldn’t afford to hire out the maintenance of their lawn - to men or to sheep.

The Industrial Revolution removed two major hurdles to widespread adoption of the American lawn – tools and how we use our land.

In 1870, the first push lawn mower was invented. By 1885, Americans were buying 50,000 of them every year. At the same time, we were moving to cities and leaving our agricultural roots behind. With fewer families relying on their gardens for food, they could now create lawns for entertaining and recreation.

Still, there was a challenge to find the right type of grass for our American lawns. English grasses didn’t take hold in most parts of our New World, and native grasses didn’t lend themselves to the desired trim and tidy appearance.

The US Department of Agriculture and the US Golf Association began importing and testing different varieties of grass in different parts of the country in 1915. They soon discovered the right types of turf grasses to plant in each part of the country, in order to give us the perfect American lawn.

At about the same time, the Garden Club of America was formed, publishing a standard definition for what we now know as the American lawn:

"A plot with a single type of grass with no intruding weeds, kept mown at a height of an inch and a half, uniformly green, and neatly edged."

Today, just 100 years later, the professional landscape industry employs over 1 million people and is expected to generate over $80 billion this year.

While some may question why we care so much about our lawns, the fact is that the American lawn has quickly become a part of our culture.

And we think that’s something to celebrate this Fourth of July.


SourceAmerican Lawns

Gardens of Versailles Image courtesy Kimberly Vardeman via Flickr


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