5 Important Questions to Ask Your Landscape Contractor

Hiring a qualified, professional landscaping service for your commercial property is a good investment. But beware, not all commercial landscape contractors are the same. It's vital to choose a company that can take care of all your needs. Here are some important questions to ask when interviewing landscape contractors for your project to help you determine which company is right for your business.

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Is anyone reading your HOA newsletter?

You go to a lot of trouble to create your HOA’s community newsletter. You write the articles. You create the community calendar. You design it, print it, and mail it out to your residents. But sometimes you have to wonder, “Is anyone even reading this thing?”

When you feel like it’s time to refresh your HOA’s newsletter, why not reach out to your community vendors for some help?

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Building Lasting Relationships

Last Friday we brought our entire South Orlando branch together for a very special celebration to commemorate how that team is living our Yellowstone Landscape brand statement:

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Safety Spotlight on Team Savannah

In this Safety Spotlight we highlight how one of our Savannah crews, Sedrick, Demitris, and Ignacio, are demonstrating how Safety Works!

Our crews face many hazards each day.  Parking far away from traffic is one step that we take whenever possible, to minimize the potential for roadway accidents. Sedrick and his crew were spotted parked at the end of a cul-de-sac on a dead-end road.  Instead of simply parking in the roadway at the end of the street, their vehicle was parked off the road in a safe manner.  They had all 8 of their safety cones out, used their Transition Area Warning Device, and placed an Advance Warning Sign ahead of their work area. And all their equipment was inside the coned-off area, directly behind their truck.

Their safety-focused behavior was even more important because they were working for a new client with a very strong safety culture of their own, so they're very conscious of how our crews operate safely in the field.

Thanks for going above an beyond what's required, Sedrick, Demitris, and Ignacio!

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Lucky Number 13

Please indulge us as we start this post with an expression of our gratitude.

THANK YOU, first and foremost, to our clients for allowing us to continue serving you and growing our company.

THANK YOU to the 1800 dedicated full time, part time, and seasonal employees of Yellowstone Landscape.  Every day you are working hard to give our clients the beautiful and functional landscapes they deserve.

THANK YOU to our vendors, suppliers and subcontractors for all your support and assistance.  

THANK YOU to the wonderful horticultural and agricultural education programs across the South, training our industry’s next generation of leaders.

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Creative Ideas for Your Mature Landscape

Most people think about bringing in a Landscape Designer when they have a new construction project, or when they’re getting ready to do a major overhaul of their landscape, like removing large areas of turf, trees and plants and starting from scratch.  For any new construction project or major overhaul, the services of a qualified and experienced Landscape Designer are absolutely essential. 

However, it’s far more common and just as important for our Landscape Designers to work with our existing Landscape Maintenance clients, creating plans to rejuvenate and revive landscapes as they become more established and mature.

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Hiring a Landscape Contractor

If you’re a commercial property manager searching for a new vendor, whether it be a landscape contractor or any other service provider, the goal is to find someone you can trust and then “hire” them. 

But is the process of choosing a contractor really the same as the process you’d use for “hiring” a new employee at your company?  

Here are a few good reasons to approach your next vendor search the same way you’d search for your next employee:

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When Residents Get Bored at the Community Pool

In this post, we'll take a look at some of the most innovative outdoor amenity spaces that today’s communities are offering their residents.

Over the past ten years the community pool and clubhouse has become a common feature for new HOAs and master planned communities.  Pools are great for the summer, but what do you do with them during the school year?  They require a lot of upkeep and they’re often underutilized by residents.  

Many of our clients are property managers and board members at communities who want to offer something unique to their current and future residents.

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A Full-Service Commercial Landscaping Company

Whether you need a landscape designed for a new property or are updating an old one, Yellowstone Landscape offers professional landscape services for many different types of commercial properties. We provide a wide range of services that will help make your property's landscape look both professional and inviting. From designing your property's landscape to installing it to caring for it, our company will make sure your landscape is healthy and looks its best.

Landscape Designs

We employ well-trained professionals for every department in our company, including our landscape designers. They can offer suggestions for designing the grounds on your new properties, or for updating the plant beds at your existing buildings. The designs they create can integrate various types of trees, plants and grassy areas to add value to your properties and give them a professional appearance.

Irrigation and Landscape Installations

You don't need to contact any other companies to install a water irrigation system for the landscape. Our commercial landscaping company has the watering solutions needed to provide the moisture the grass and plants need to survive. We also offer accessories that will help reduce water waste, including rain sensors, smart controllers and irrigation methods that control water usage.

After the irrigation system has been installed, we will plant the trees, plants and grasses that will enhance the appearance of your properties. We also strive to use the right types of materials that will remain healthy in the environment in which they are planted. We try to use as many native plants, trees and grasses as possible because they will grow better and be healthier then plant materials from other areas.

We can also add drought-tolerant plants and trees that require less water to remain healthy. Along with water conservation, we also offer alternatives to using chemically based products to maintain your lawns. Yellowstone Landscape is committed to using environmentally safe techniques to help your landscapes thrive, as well as control both weeds and insects.

Full Service Maintenance

Along with landscape design and installation services, our commercial landscaping company offers the maintenance services needed to have a healthy-looking landscape. This includes mowing and fertilizing the grass, trimming the trees and preventing weeds and insects from overtaking your landscape. We employ certified experts that know the best techniques for keeping the trees, plants and grasses we install healthy.

When you contract with our company, you will be assigned an account manager who will keep you informed about our maintenance schedules and work with you to provide the services you want and need for your properties. It doesn't matter if your property is brand new or needs a facelift, we have the services that will help create beautiful, healthy landscapes.

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Landscapes Promote Healthy Living and Create Community Pride

It’s not surprising that attractive, well-kept community landscapes encourage more outdoor, physical activity among residents. Many residential communities offer walking trails and open green areas for residents and visitors to experience more of the great outdoors. In turn, more physical activity leads to an overall healthier and happier population in communities with professionally maintained landscapes.

High quality, professionally maintained grounds also create a sense of pride in community, which in turn encourages greater community involvement. When they see attractive green spaces, residents are proud of their community and want to share that pride with others. They also become fiercely protective of it. It’s not uncommon to see declines in graffiti and property defacement when there is a commitment to keeping landscaped spaces attractively and professionally maintained.

Want to promote healthy living and create pride in your community? Your landscaping is the perfect place to start.

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