Top Questions to Ask Before Signing a Commercial Landscape Maintenance Contract

You have every right to ask as many questions as needed about your landscape maintenance contract, until you feel 100% comfortable. You, as the property manager or owner, are in charge of selecting the best landscape service partner and investing wisely in your commercial property. It your obligation to improve its curb appeal, keep it safe for visitors, and enhance the quality of life for all who visit the property.

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Personal Interaction Builds Communication Skills and Patience for IT Intern

This guest post was written by Nick, about his intern experience with us this summer.

Coming from Florida State University I.T. classes and joining Yellowstone Landscape for the summer has provided a much-needed professional experience.  Interacting with the other interns made it easier to connect and acclimate to an unfamiliar environment.  Unlike class work, this experience helped me gain personal skills necessary in any professional environment.  This was mostly due to my time working the helpdesk which exposed me to situations I would have never been exposed to elsewhere.  Experience in troubleshooting helped me succeed at the helpdesk, but a lack of personal interaction with customers was an area I needed to improve during my time here.  Even though I am still working on it, I have improved immensely from my experiences helping users across the company.  I have developed communication skills and patience while working with company employees across the southeast.

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Red Flags In Your Commercial Landscape Maintenance Bid Responses

Whether you are new to the process of reviewing commercial landscape maintenance proposals, or have extensive experience in hiring landscape providers, dealing with competitive bid responses can be a challenge. Remember that the proposal is one of the first steps in creating a long-term relationship with a reputable commercial landscaping company. It’s their responsibility to provide a clear understanding of how they’ll approach the care of your property’s landscape, and what you’ll be getting for the investment you make with them.

Choosing the right commercial landscaping company can be a long process. You have a variety of different companies to choose from for your property’s commercial landscape maintenance needs. It may take weeks of meeting with different companies to reach a mutually acceptable agreement that fits the services, aesthetics, and even the values that you are looking for in a landscape maintenance partner.

Here are three important things to look out for when you’re evaluating bid responses to select your next landscaping provider.

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Central Houston Landscape Management Intern Finds His Passion and Career!

This guest post was written by Ryan, about his intern experience with us this summer.

This summer I’ve had the opportunity to Intern at Yellowstone Landscape’s Central Houston Branch.  During this time, I focused on experiencing the landscape maintenance and enhancement division.  Coming into my internship as a graduating senior from Sam Houston State University, I knew I was interested in landscape, but I didn’t know Yellowstone Landscape would make it my passion.  The company prides itself on positive interactions with others, and they make sure to start within.  Since day one, the staff has gone above and beyond to provide me with the tools to be successful and I have never dealt with a more well-rounded, fully functioning group.  It is not specific to a single department or branch either, it’s throughout the entire company.

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Charleston Interns Adapts His Skills and Excels in Irrigation

This guest post was written by Malik, about his intern experience with us this summer.

My summer with Yellowstone Landscape is the best internship experience I’ve had during my college career.  As an Agriculture Mechanization major at Clemson University, I wasn’t sure what to expect with an internship in the landscape/horticulture industry and if I had the knowledge needed to be successful despite being a Turfgrass Science and Management minor.  After talking to Charleston Branch Manager, Remington Phillips at a career fair, I realized I could adapt my skills and excel.  With an interest in irrigation he made it happen and offered me an opportunity to come on board as an Irrigation Intern and I couldn’t have been more excited!

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Arbor Intern Adds New Skills to His “Tool Belt”

This guest post was written by Colby, about his intern experience with us this summer.
From a very early age, I’ve had a love for trees!  Hardwood species can live hundreds of years, bearing witness to history that future generations only study.  After a few diligent seconds of deliberation, I chose to major in Forest Resource Management, minoring in Business Management, at Clemson University.  This summer, I am interning with the Charleston, South Carolina branch in their Arbor Division.  Charleston is home to the Angel Oak, which is estimated at 400-500 years old, dating this tree to be an acorn at the time of Columbus’ arrival to the New World.
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Finance Intern Broadens His View of the Landscape Industry

This guest post was written by Raymond, about his intern experience with us this summer.

Now at the halfway point of my internship, I am given a chance to stop and reflect on my experiences and the skills I have developed.  I am majoring in Agricultural Economics at the University of Florida where I first met my Mentor, Timo, during an Agribusiness Career Fair.  I attended the fair totally ignorant of the landscape industry with preconceived notions of an industry comprised of a handful of men with a truck.  Those views were shattered after Timo went out of his way to have a conversation with me.  His friendly demeanor and knowledgeable conversation dispelled those notions and ultimately convinced me to join the Yellowstone finance team for the summer.

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Port St. Lucie Intern Builds Confidence and Skills

This guest post was written by Rose, about her intern experience with us this summer.

Interning at Yellowstone Landscape’s Port St. Lucie branch has been the best decision of my life.  As a horticulture student from Auburn University, I knew this industry was where I wanted to be but wasn’t sure where I fit.  Yellowstone and all the people I work with have helped me find my way!

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North Houston Interns Finds Family Away From Home!

This guest post was written by Gladys, about her intern experience with us this summer.

As a Plant and Soil Sciences student at Sam Houston State University and with an avid interest in biology and chemistry, I was unsure what I would learn with this internship.  One thing I did not expect was the comforting feel of family that Yellowstone provides.  There is the father figure, Greg, who is all knowing and who the other managers look to for guidance.  Then, my Mentor Nick, who is like an older brother and who has gone above and beyond to teach me everything he knows as well as look out for my best interest.  Not knowing what to expect from such a prestigious company was frightening but that all disappeared when the entire branch rallied around me during my first intern video-conference meeting.  They knew I was nervous to be in front of a computer filled with strangers (the other Interns), yet they stayed with me through the entire meeting helping me to relax and smile.  

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Keeping Your Commercial Property Safe

Keeping your commercial property safe for employees, tenants and visitors is always a concern for property managers. Many don’t realize how landscaping can play an important role in risk management. If areas of your landscape are inadequately or improperly maintained, it can create safety hazards on your commercial property’s roads, walking paths and entry points.

Failure to resolve these issues can result in more serious liability problems for your property.

Here are three tips to consider to keep your commercial property safe:

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